In 2011\12 academic year I had the honour to supervise four students' research work:

Anastasia Sharapenko has done research into "Volume of Notion ‘AWARENESS’ in Modern English" (Объем понятия ‘awareness’ в современном английском языке) and was awarded a first prize in Annual Scientific Conference (December 2011).

Elizaveta Gorskaya has carried research into "Semantic Shift of the Adjective ‘GREEN’ within Environmentalist Movement" (Семантический сдвиг прилагательного “green” в рамках движения за защиту окружающей среды) and was awarded a second prize in Annual Scientific Conference (December 2011).

Anton Chernyh has investigated the development of compound adverbs and followed its dynamics. The profound work was awarded a third prize in the same conference.

Sofya Safarova has taken "People-first Language: a Politically Correct Way to Talk about Disabilities" («Сначала человек»: политкорректные способы номинации лиц с ограниченными возможностями), but attendent circumstances didn't allow her complete her research before the scheduled deadline of the conference which in no way undermines the significance of her work.


I'm offering more research topics in lexicology and grammar for 2012 \ 2013 academic year and invite students to join our quest to the unknown realms of linguistics.

What I expect of you:

1) your wish to carry and present your research in English;

2) your sincere interest in some area of human communication;

3) your readiness to carry a systematic research during a prolonged period of time. We start as early as September;

4) your desire to work for getting results and experience rather than honours;

What you can expect of me:

1) assistance in defining your topic, methods and ways of research;

2) providing you with the list of references and resources for your research;

3)consulting at any point when you find it necessary;

4) high standards which will not allow your work be lost behind formalities.


If you are interested, please contact me as early as possible.

Yours sincerely,




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