Our university

Novosibirsk State Teacher Training University is one of the oldest institutions of our city where young people can get a higher education. In 1935 the Evening Teacher Training Institute was founded in Novosibirsk. There were only four departments in it. 109 students were trained there. In 1940 the Department for full-time students was opened. The first institute’s intake was 252 students. In 1968 the Institute began constructing a new building that was completed in 1975. The building was designed by the architect M.M. Pirogov. The campus includes educational buildings, the dining hall, the hospital, the sanatorium, the kindergarten, the workshops, the stadium. There are well-equipped laboratories and lecture-rooms with modern equipment: computers, projectors, smart boards. There is also a rich library with two reading-rooms, a beautiful conference hall, good hostels for students and postgraduates. There are also a lot of other facilities. Our University trains specialists for public education. There are about 10 thousand daytime students and 20 thousand of correspondence ones. There are different faculties and Institutes at our University. Among them there is the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Institute of Mathematical, Physical,  Economic and Informational education, Institute of Culture and Youth Policy, the Faculty of Psychology, the Institute of Preschool and Primary Education , the Sport Faculty, the Faculty of Technology and Business. And also the Institute of Natural Sciences and Economics, the Institute of History and Humanitarian Education, the Institute of Philology, Psychology and Mass Media, the Institute of Arts and the Institute of Management and Social Communication. More than 60% of teachers’ staff have Candidate’s and Doctor’s degrees. They do important research work. Students can attend their lectures. They can also take part in their seminars and discuss various scientific problems with them. There are also many postgraduate students at our University. They must do research work and solve problems in various branches of science. The Academic year has two terms and twice a year the students take exams and credit tests. If they pass the exams well they get a grant.The students’ life is very interesting. They take an active part in the social life of the University. They often arrange the concerts of home talents, different contests. They also take part in sport competitions. The course of studies at the University lasts 4 or 5 years. After graduating from the University the students receive a Bachelor's degree. If the graduates have a gift for research work they can take a postgraduate course to improve their qualification and to get a Master's degree and the right of teaching in universities, institutes and colleges.  We have many reasons to be proud of our university.

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