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Лабораторная работа

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1. 6 h.


What makes a good communicator?

Internal communication - Financial Times.

Words to describe good and bad communicators.


An interview with a marketing manager for mobile media.

Dealing with



Writing: e-mail.

HCPS: Improve communication in a global company

First impre


Reading: It`s much easier said than done (p. 8).*

Writing: Write a follow-up e-mail from the consultants detailing their recommendations.

10 h.

2. 6 h.

International marketing.

Discussion of



Coffee culture - Financial Times

Marketing collocations

Noun compounds and noun phrases.



An interview with a marketing specialist.


Writing: e-mail

Zumo - creating a global brand: Reposition a sports drink for the global market


Reading: Developing a global brand (p. 21).

Writing: Write a follow-up e-mail from Marketing Manager detailing their recommendations.

10 h.

3. 6 h.



Discuss business relationships and do a quiz.



AIG knows everyone - Financial Times.

Words to describe relations

Multi-word verbs.


An interview with a Chinese business executive.

Discuss ways to promote customer loyalty.

Writing: sales letter.

Getting to know you.

Problems and solutions.

The working lunch.

Reading: AIG knows everyone in Asia (p.25).

Writing: Write a sales letter.

10 h.

4. 6 h.


Defining success


Sole Brothers.

Present and past tenses


Negotiating language.

An interview with the founder of a successful business


Writing: press release or letter


Camden FC: Negotiate a sponsorship deal for a football team


Country people.

Reading:The Guardian profile: Steve Jobs (p. 32).

Writing: press release or letter

10 h.

5. 6 h.

Job satisfaction.


motivation and do a quiz on stress

Perks that work - Virginia Business Online.

Words for describing motivating factors


An interview with the Human Resources Director of a large company




Office attraction: Devise a policy on close relationships at work


Cow music.

Reading: Office attraction (p. 44).

Writing: guidelines.

10 h.

6. 8 h.


Discuss everyday risk and risk in business.

Planning for the future - Financial Times


Words for describing risk

Adverbs of degree

An interview with the Chief Executive of a risk management company


Reaching agreement





Suprema cars: consider options to improve a car manufacturing company's profits

Back home.

Reading: The dangers of not looking anead (p.49).

Writing: report.

12 h.

7. 6 h.


Discuss the use of the Internet.




Internet shopping - Financial TimesInternet terms Conditionals


An interview with a marketing director of a computer company

Selling v. buying online.

KGV Europe: Decide whether a music retailer should trade on the Internet

The seven wonders of Britain.

Reading: Internet shopping - the sequel (p.56).

Writing: e-mail

10 h.

8. 6 h.

Team building.

Do a quiz about thinking styles.

The key to successful team building-Benjarong Magazine, Thailand


Modal perfect




An interview with an American specialist in Human Resources

Resolving conflict

The new boss: Look at ways of improving the performance of a sales team

Agatha Christie.

Reading: None of us is as smart as all of us (p.71).

Writing: letter.

10 h.

9. 6 h.

Customer service.

What people complain about

Customer complaints

Customers first-Financial Times


Dependent prepositions



An interview with a retail sales director at a well-known department store

Handling complaints

Communications Prioritise and deal with complaints

The sea.

Reading: Customers first: the message for this or any other year.

Writing: e-mail.

10 h.

10. 6 h.

Crisis management.

When is a problem a crisis.

Client relationships -

Financial Times

Noun phrases with and without of

Contrast and addition




An interview with a crisis management expert

Asking and answering difficult questions

Game over: Manage a crisis over pirated software


Reading: Keeping your client relationship afloat.

Writing: report

10 h.

11. 6 h.

Management styles.

Do's and don'ts for managers

Three management styles - CEO Refresher website

Management qualities

Text reference




An interview with an expert on management styles

Putting people аt ease.

Zenova: Assess feedback from employees to improve management styles

Public school.

Reading: The big tree management styles.

Writing: action minutes.

10 h.

12. 6 h.

Takeovers and mergers.

Pros and cons of takeovers and mergers







Making a merger or takeover work-Financial Times

Words to describe takeovers and mergers


An interview with arr expert on acquisitions

Summarising in


Bon Appetit PLC: Discuss the risk of takeover and consider making new acquisitions


Reading: Making a corporate marriage work (p.111).

Writing: report.

8 h.

13. 6 h.

The future.

Personal predictions






New working model for the future -Financial TimesDescribing the future

Prediction and probability

An interview with the head of a knowledge venturing company

Telephoning customers and getting the right


Yedo Department Stores: Look at trends and increase profitability of a department store


Reading:New working model (p. 119).

Writing: report.

8 h.

14. 6 h.


Test reading.

Test listening.




Reading: texts (pp. 124 - 129).

Writing: letter.

4 h.


86 h.









132 h.

*Тексты по учебнику: David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent Market Leader. Pearson Education Limited, 2006.

+ Видео курс: Richard Cooper Headway Video. Intermediate. OUP, 2008.

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